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Torch Designs actively experiments to continually refine and improve your campaigns.
Torch Designs maintains a Google Certification and works directly with its dedicated contacts at Google to optimize campaigns.
Torch Designs knows how to avoid the common keyword traps, so you invest your money into visitors that will convert.

Google Adwords is complicated, and it changes constantly. Torch Designs keeps up with these changes by maintaining Google Certification in order to guarantee you the best results. We also take Adwords to the next level by continually running experiments to further optimize your campaigns.

This results in Google Adwords Campaigns that are constantly improving to achieve even better results.



Where would you like to advertise: Click all that apply

Search Network

Search Network (Most Common): Your ad will appear along with the organic search results on the Google Search Engine.

Display Network

Display Network: Graphical Ads will be displayed on a variety of websites that match your target demographic.

Youtube Network

YouTube: Video Ads will be displayed before or during other videos that match you target demographic on YouTube.

Product/Shopping Ads

Product / Shopping Ads: Your product ads will be included on the searchable Google Products Pages.

Not Sure/Looking for Recommendations/Options

Not Sure / Looking for Recommendations / Options.

What are your advertising goals? Click all that apply

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness: Build awareness for your brand.

Website Visitors

Website Visitors: Bring new visitors to your website.

Online Sales

Online Sales: Sell more products online.

Phone Calls

Phone Calls: Generate more phone calls.

Store Visits

Store Visits: Bring more people to your physical location.


Other: Please make a note in the comments below.